WHITE ALBA TRUFFLES LARGE SIZE. White alba truffle price. White truffles need special care and attention to reach the most prestigious tables worldwide.



WHITE ALBA TRUFFLES LARGE SIZE , Alba truffles, also called Alba truffles after their region of origin, are the most expensive, priced from $6,000 to $10,000 per pound (prices varies from Year to Year hased on availability and quality).

Size does not matter and does not affect the overall taste of the truffle. But will sell most truffles with soil around than because this helps keep them fresh but be cautious as some clever traders may sell you white alba truffle with lots of weight added from the ground.

Black truffles are also much less costly, about half the price of white ones, depending on market costs But which one you buy depends on what you’re looking for, a hearty truffle aroma that takes over a dish or a softer element that enhances everything around it

When shopping for white alba truffle price, avoid those with thick outer coverings and rough bumps – because the thinner the skin and more petite the spot, the higher the truffle content, say chefs And size is no indication of taste.

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So, this past week, courtesy of Sabatino, alba white truffles unearth. the world’s largest truffle on record. Found in central Italy, the vast truffle weighs 4.16 pounds, almost twice the size of the existing record holder, according to a press release.

In perspective, gold is presently priced at 43000 euros per kilogram so an alba white truffle is approximately 10 percent the value of gold per gram.Silver is about 800 euros a kilo, a mere 20 percent the weight of a truffle.

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