Diablo OG Dank Vapes



THC Percentage: 92%
Sativa: 15%
indica: 85%


Diablo OG Dank Vapes Properties

Medical: Chronic pain, Nerve damage, and Insomnia
Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy, and Euphoric

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Diablo OG Dank Vapes cartridge contains 100% pure THC oil extracted from the strain Diablo OG Kush. Diablo OG Kush, also better known as “Diablo Kush” or “Diablo OG” to most members of the cannabis community, is an indica-dominant (85% indica / 15% sativa) hybrid strain created by crossing OG Kush X South African sativa strains.

This moist bud has an incredibly high THC level that ranges from 16-28%, on average, and has a delicious lemony pine taste with a floral lemony pine scent. Diablo OG Kush buds have dense and compact neon green nuggets of medium size in an arrowhead shape with a thick splash of fur-rich amber hairs.

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