Brass knuckles


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  • Are brass knuckles legal?
    As laws are different from state to state, make sure to check with your state legislature before carrying brass knuckles.
  • Why are they deemed illegal in some places?
    When it comes down to it, brass knuckles are a bludgeoning weapon and the real damage they can do has been underestimated and unintentionally fatal in some cases. This has put them on the lethal weapons list in some countries and U.S. states.
  • Where did brass knuckles come from?
    Brass knuckles have been around for centuries, getting their start in the gladiator arenas of ancient Rome.
  • What is the point of brass knuckles?
    Brass knuckles are specifically designed to add power to your punch through the added weight to your fist and the solid, metal casing around your knuckles.
  • Have brass knuckles ever been issued to the military?
    No, not traditional brass knuckles. However, during W.W.I, the United States Army issued two models of knuckle knives, also called “trench knives”, which are knives with knuckle rings built into the handle.


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